Wales in Big Format

‘Wales in Big Format’

A week with watercolour in the village of Llangynog – a painting holiday with a well-known artist Lars A Persson in big format.

The course is all about watercolour and enabling you to free up your working practice and remove some of the myths associated with watercolour like paint big to relax; not be afraid and scared of painting big.  Lars is an expert in this area, he is well known overseas in Europe, Norden etc.  He lives in Gothenburg but has always wanted to come to Wales for its environment and hold a course in watercolour. Lars is fluent in English.

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For you to take with you: 
Your own painting materials such as brushes, paint, paper or canvas and sketching materials.  We will provide drawing boards, water bucket, big brushes, masking tape and big paper and some watercolour paint will be available to purchase.

The cost:
One week in watercolour £633
Accommodation per room (double room) for 7 nights included

Included in the course:
– Daily refreshments
– Trip to and from Manchester Airport with a minibus to Llangynog
– All excursions out and about to paint and sketch

Bookings including £135 deposit start 28th January and close 10th April 2020.

Alternatively you can Email Lars or click here to contact me

11th June to 17th June 2021 – set in the beautiful village of Llangynog

Maximum 15 people, minimum 12

We had to pre book accommodation to be sure we secured room for everybody – please see links below for information.